Friday, 17 August 2018

WILDBOY The Journey of Brando YelavichBy Stephanie Chamberlin WALT: infer meaning within and beyond the text
Level 1. Literal Meaning (we find evidence in the text)
  • Brando didn't like the way seagull Tastes
  • On that first night, I shot a black-backed gull with my air rifle
  • I remembered some advice my uncle had given me when I was eleven:
  • “If you’re ever chased by a pig, climb a tree.”
Level 2. Inferential Meaning (we read between the lines to infer what the writer has implied)
  • The Movie ‘Into the Wild’ had a massive impact on Brando and he thought he could do something similar
  • That we shouldn't give up when times get hard
  • There must have been days where he had no food cause he can't carry 600 days worth of food
Level 3. Applied Meaning (we decide what the author might think or may want us to think
from what has been said-we make a link to the text from our own experiences)
  • Brando changed his life by setting himself a huge goal. Along the way, he learned a lot about himself,
  • the world, his place and about others in it.
  • My dad goes for very long walks at night on our land
  • When he was getting charged by a boar I had the same situation when goats had ran right past and
  • I got my pocket knife out


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  1. Kia Ora Quaid it is Aoife here from Mamaku 2 I think that you have done a great job but next time you need to explain what this was about bye :3


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